Meet our Invisible Service that has everything covered!


Your invisible Concierge

What Is Invisible Service? 

You are grown ups. You know what you’re doing. We trust you. That’s why we know that you’ll love our invisible service. That means no front desk. No onsite staff. We do you one better. We give you great service right at your fingertips. From automated coded check-in to in-room guidebooks and thermostats, you will have everything you need before you show up. Staff and service are never more than a phone call away to answer any questions or address any needs. Our 24 hour coffee room gives you access to good coffee, tea, a microwave and mini fridge. After your daily adventure, you will return to a clean room and made bed. Our invisible service combines the simplicity of Airbnb and the  privacy of hotel stays into one.

Before Arrival: 

Prior to check-in, your room number and personalized entrance code will be emailed to you. Please respond to this email if you’d like anything specific in your room, like extra linens, or craft Vermont beer. 

Upon Arrival:  

Check-in begins at 3pm. Your room number and access code have already been emailed to you, so you can go straight to your room! There will be no fuss with leaving the kids in the car to go check-in, no worry about late arrivals, and no stress of having to find which pocket you left your credit card in - You can go straight to your room and your payment will be processed automatically with the card on file. 

Check-out Process:

Forget about it. Just enjoy a cup of coffee and take off! Want late check-out? Let us know ahead of time and for a fee, we can make it happen. Decide you want it last minute? Give us a call or email! Check-out is at 11am. 


Invisible Service just got better! Not only do our guests get to skip the check-in and out process altogether with our invisible service, but we’ve raised the bar (pun intended), and we’re doing you one better. Now you will have everything you need before you show up, and we know that for many of you, that means a perfect drink waiting in your room for your arrival. Our invisible bartender will mix you a classic cocktail and stock your fridge with Vermont beer and wine before you even arrive, and you won’t even have speak to one human — beat that! 

Our bar is closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights but don’t stress — we’ll bring the bar to you! Get in touch with us before you arrive to order cocktails, beer or wine and we’ll stock your fridge for arrival!

How it works:

When you book your room online, simply add your items to the reservation, just like you would an online shopping cart -- but for booze (should this be our next venture?) 

A Little More Info

Is there a front desk? How do I check-in?

Nope! We operate on “Invisible Service” and don’t have a front desk or conventional on-site concierge. Prior to your arrival, you will be provided with unique codes which will grant you access to your room. We do have a bar on the ground level with friendly bartenders, who can help you get in touch with us to answer any questions. There is always someone who can be physically present within minutes. Our phone numbers are provided in your room, and all throughout the building, so feel free to get in touch anytime!

What are your Bar hours?

Thursday - Sunday 3pm - late night (generally midnight - 2am) 

** Bar patrons must park BEHIND the motel or on the street. 

Is there noise from the bar in the motel rooms?

When we built the bar in this 1871 building, we took the utmost care in noise insulation. That said, we never imagined our bar would be this busy, and some bar crowds are louder than others. We cannot guarantee that you will not hear a little fun resonating from the bar patrons into the rooms sometimes, so before booking please take this into consideration!

Here are the extra steps we’ve taken to do as much as we can to eliminate noise from both the bar and the Main Street:

  1. We have Installed three feet of noise insulation in the ceiling between the bar and rooms above it, along with 1000 square feet of acoustical sound absorption tiles in the bar.

  2. Each room has a top-of-the-line noise machine, so you can let waves, rivers and storms lull you to sleep.

  3. We provide earplugs in every bathroom drawer.

  4. We ask all of our bar patrons to please be respectful of noise and STFU when outside or leaving.

  5. This being said, we are a lively bar and motel smack bang on Main Street, so if you are a light sleeper, please reconsider your stay Thursdays through Sundays. A light sleeper that wants to stay mid-week? NO PROBLEM!

What is your cancellation policy?

  • 20% non-refundable deposit is due upon booking

  • Cancellation 10 or less days prior to check-in: 50% of entire reservation is forfeited

  • Cancellation 5 or less days prior to check-in: 100% of entire reservation is forfeited

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. Bookings may not be transferred to a different date to avoid cancellation fees. You are subject to the same fees when canceling original dates and rescheduling your trip. Canceling due to weather is no exception. 

Where do we park?

Lodging guests may park anywhere against the side of the motel or behind the motel. Parking is free but requires a parking pass. You can bring as many cars as you want. There will be a pile of parking passes in your room upon arrival. Just pop them onto your dashboard!

What time is Check-in?

Anytime after 3pm

What time is Check-out? 

11 am, unless a late check-out is arranged ahead of time for an additional fee. 

What floor is my room on? 

Rooms 1 through 5 are on the ground floor. Rooms 6 through 13 are on the second floor. We do not have elevators. Stairs MUST be used to access rooms 6 through 13. 

Do you allow pets? 

Although we love pets, we do not allow them. Violators will be subject to a $500 fine.

Is breakfast Included?

We do not serve any breakfast, but we have a coffee room that is open 24/7 and gives you access to coffee, tea, a microwave and mini fridge. 

How far is Main + Mountain from Okemo?

We are located right in the heart of downtown Ludlow, just one mile from the first chairlift. 

Can I walk to town from M+M?

Why, yes! We are located on Main Street, so you can walk anywhere in town you’d like. 

Does M+M have Wifi? 

Of course people. We have high speed, free fiber optic wifi. 

THANKS! Eliza + Justin

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